With Apigrate, your efficiency is our top priority.

What does business automation mean to you?

Efficient Marketing


Marketers use data from a variety of sources. This makes keeping track of updates, preventing duplication and automating with event-driven marketing platforms very important. Apigrate has helped marketers synchronize data across a wide variety of CRM, email marketing and marketing automation platforms.

Marketing - ecommerce.png


Ecommerce companies know best-of-breed online store software is good. They also know that integrating it with your inventory, accounting, and customer service systems is better. Apigrate has linked together the order processes for clients in many industries, eliminating data entry tedium, and insuring that customer orders are handled accurately and efficiently.

Streamlined logistics


Order to shipment processes are never trivial. Managing inventory replenishment levels, timely execution of pick-pack-ship processes, and tracking customer orders almost always involve multiple systems. Apigrate has helped clients get a holistic view of their logistics operations and streamline their shipment processes.

Efficiency is the name of the game at Cables and Sensors.


Cables and Sensors, one of Inc Magazine’s 500 fastest-growing private companies in America, manufactures SpO2 sensors, ECG & EKG cables, NIBP accessories, temperature probes, IBP cables and toco and ultrasound transducers. They have mastered the art of eCommerce using a number of best-of-breed apps for all phases of their business. Apigrate has worked with Cables and Sensors to streamline their entire business; minimizing unneeded data entry, so their employees can focus on giving customers excellent, fast service.

Andres O. - Cables and Sensors

“Apigrate is a blue lobster, let me explain. Good developers are hard to find, excellent developers a rare gem quickly snitched by the likes of Google but excellent INTEGRATION developers are that one in a million catch among a breed dangerously in extinction, that soon to disappear blue lobster out in the wild.”

“We have been working with Apigrate since 2015 and could not speak more highly of their exemplary professionalism, clarity and kindness in communication, timeliness in meeting deadlines, top-notch support and excellence in all technical matters. Having Apigrate bring their knowledge and expertise to our simple and/or complex projects has been a tremendous asset to our technical success (and sanity). If you want to experience the tremendous powers of automation and cloud integration I assure you that working with Apigrate will be an investment you will be glad you made with bountiful dividends.”



A Managed Services Provider speeds up their billing process.


CSS is a leading Oracle-only systems integrator and Managed Services provider of Cloud ERP and on-premise ERP solutions for large companies in several industry segments. Keeping track of employee and contractor hours across their wide project base was time-consuming. CSS engaged Apigrate to automate their professional services automation platform with their accounting and billing system. Now CSS has seen a dramatic reduction in the time time it takes to generate their invoices, since timecard data is now fully automated across their enterprise.

Steve L. - CSS International, Inc.

“CSS engaged Apigrate to create a time interface from our Autotask system to our Oracle OpenAir system. The time spent entering data in 2 systems and reconciling prior to the work by Apigrate was time consuming and expensive. The result of the work done by Apigrate has saved CSS significant amount of money and our billing process has been reduced from 2 weeks to 2 days.”


Text4Safety, a workplace-safety app, is built from the ground up!


Riskwire is a mobile-messaging innovator for businesses, building applications that deliver purposeful messages at the perfect time, whatever the business process. In 2016, Riskwire launched Text4Safety, a mobile-messaging platform for business aimed at improving workplace safety. Apigrate worked directly with Riskwire to build Text4Safety from the ground up. Using agile development practices, the team transformed the requirements into full-fledged software as a service offering. Text4Safety leverages and integrates many of the latest SaaS applications (Twilio, Stripe, SendGrid) to make mobile-messaging setup for businesses easy and effective. From database construction through user interface design and testing.

Ken S. - Riskwire LLC:

“Derek and his team have done an outstanding job developing the Text4Safety platform. They took time to not only understand the application requirements but also the overall objectives of our business. They built a reliable and scalable application that has lent itself to continued refinement based upon market feedback. Apigrate has been a great business partner - one that I would not hesitate to recommend.”