Apigrate is a Datto partner, having deep experience designing, building and supporting applications and integrations for Autotask PSA. Whether you are an MSP business owner looking for ways to more efficiently automate Autotask with your business processes, or are a developer interested in licensing the SDK for your own development project, please contact us today! We’d love to hear from you!

We built and maintain the following three applications, which are now extensions to the Autotask PSA. They are supported by both Datto and Apigrate:

QuickBooks Online Invoicing

Sends Autotask invoices, customer information, and billing codes to QuickBooks Online.

  • Automatically creates customers from shared invoice information.

  • Updates the payment status in Autotask when a payment is received for an invoice in QuickBooks Online.Contact your Autotask Account representative to learn more.

QuickBooks Online Expenses

Automatically transfers Autotask expense reports to QuickBooks Online.

  • Expense reports are created as bills in QuickBooks Online

  • Automatically sets up Autotask resources as vendors in QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks Online Purchasing

Automatically transfers Autotask purchase orders to QuickBooks Online as bills

  • Attempts to match QuickBooks Online vendors and customers to Autotask company names. If no match is found, the vendor or customer is created automatically in QuickBooks.

Setup instructions for these three applications can be found here.

Custom Applications and Automation

Apigrate has created Autotask-related workflow automations resulting in huge time savings and efficiency gains for our customers. Some quick examples of what we’ve helped our customers build:

  • Ticketing/Project Management

    Automatically flow appropriate Autotask tickets into Jira to create issues/bugs/tasks for a developer team

  • Marketing Automation

    As part of a sales pipeline process. Marketo opportunities are automatically pushed to Autotask as opportunities and quotes after maturing to a certain status in the sales funnel.

  • CRM

    Keep Hubspot and Autotask accounts and contacts in sync whenever updates are made in either application. (We’ve done this between Autotask and many other CRMs as well!)

  • Time Tracking

    Create Autotask time entries from Toggl (or other time-tracking systems).

  • Communications

    Write messages to a Slack channel whenever tickets are created and/or opportunities closed.

How do we do it?

  1. We’ve created the Autotask Connector for Integromat that makes it easy to leverage the Integromat drag-and-drop middleware platform to create custom workflows.

  2. For more sophisticated workflows, we use our own Autotask SDK for NodeJS which makes it easy to talk to any aspect of the Autotask API.

  3. We leverage cloud-based server and serverless AWS infrastructure to ensure a low TCO for custom middleware we write!