Multi-Tasking, isn't.

The psychological research is clear - you can’t really multi-task. What you’re really doing is switching between single tasks very quickly. This “context-switching” kills productivity and increases your chances of making a mistake. Here’s how you can work more efficiently through your daily tasks:

  • Work on the most important tasks first. (And try to automate away other tasks that interrupt your day).

  • Schedule a block of time during the workday where you won’t take meetings, answer the phone, check texts, email or social media so you can focus on your most important tasks.

  • Take time to blank out! Shut down your mental processing. Why? Your pre-frontal cortex (i.e your “creativity core processor”) actually can work on problems subconsciously, but only if you’re not barraging it with other information to process. Give it a rest by going for a walk, exercising, listening into music, or even just zoning out! You might be pleasantly surprised later when you’re able to solve a lingering problem quickly!

We’ve used some of these tips with pretty good success. Admittedly, it’s not easy or always possible to do, but just making a conscious effort to be smarter about organizing your daily tasks will, over time, make you more productive (and possibly even happier)!