The 2019 Marketing Technology Landscape

Every April or so, Scott Brinker and his team at Chief Marketing Technologist Blog release an infographic showing all the different technology solutions (i.e. “apps”) in the marketing space that are in use that year. It’s pretty amazing! Here’s the infographic they published for 2019:

After you’re done playing “where’s Waldo” trying to find the apps that YOU use (and it might be awhile!) consider these two questions:

  1. Does my marketing stack work well together?

  2. Where do I spend most of my time putting together marketing automation?

If you’re using multiple apps to accomplish your marketing goals, it’s important that they work well together. Maybe you’re pushing event data back from your marketing platform into your CRM? Maybe you’d like better or more timely engagement data in your reporting. If you’re moving data around manually today, time-wasting tasks and data entry errors could be putting you at a competitive disadvantage. Consider whether your apps have ways to automate with each other.

Even if your current apps don’t have the automations you want out of the box, it still might be possible to create them by using workflow automation tools. We’re happy to help you figure out the possibilities!