Automation, Disruption, and More Time to Think

I found this article about millennials’ willingness to embrace automation in the workplace to be refreshing and informative. With so much “generation warfare” in the press these days, it’s easy to overlook the positive contributions that each generation brings to the workplace.

It’s no secret that business automation has the potential to be disruptive. A pessimist may view automation as a potential job threat. For my part, I’d argue that a job that can be completely replaced by automation is destined to be replaced sooner or later anyway.

It’s also fairly uncommon that automation alone can eliminate an entire job because most jobs involve many different responsibilities in a company. On that point, if you can eliminate the non-thinking drudgery part of a job, does that not make an employee happier and more productive? Consider also that this time can now be spent on:

  • value added tasks

  • collaboration on other projects

  • thinking strategically about the business, leading to potential additional insights that benefit everyone

It might be hard to put a value on these items, but assuredly the value is not zero; to either the employee or the business!