Why Use Software Automation in Your Business? Three Reasons.

We’re often asked, “Software automation SOUNDS like a great idea, but how do I sell it to the boss?” Here are three quick points that should make the case (or at least open up further discussion!)

Save Time

Automation saves time by eliminating repetitive tasks. In business there are still thousands of boring-yet-needed tasks (like entering timecards, typing in contact information, assembling invoices) that are done manually by people that probably HATE doing them-especially if they have to do them in more than one app!) If people are your most valuable resource, getting their time back to work on business activities requiring actual human brain cells should be a NO-brainer!

Reduce Errors

Repetition leads to boredom, boredom leads to typos, typos lead to suffering. Doing lots of data entry across your business? In multiple apps? That's a Ticking Typo Time bomb waiting to go off! Imagine someone typing an extra zero or two on the time entry that gets sent to a client on an invoice. Errors are themselves costly in terms of time and in terms of reputation. Automated apps don't make typos, and they're faster and more efficient especially over the long term, which brings me to...

Increase Agility and Responsiveness

Ever been on the phone with a customer service rep who had to put you on hold to look something up? Why didn't their service desk already have the information? What about an online store that isn't up-to-date with available inventory, or worse yet, prices! Like it or not, we now live in a world where customers demand instant response, accurate information, and top-flight service-immediately! Relying on manual data updates for these important pivot points is just not acceptable. Put automation in place to eliminate delays and gaps that will frustrate your customers and your staff!