Founded by Derek Gau in 2014, Apigrate has been consulting with businesses to help them automate quickly and efficiently.


Our philosophy:

Use technology to eliminate the mundane.

Removing tedious and repetitive tasks frees up people to be be their best, efficient selves. Automation can have a magical effect on both your business’ efficiency and your employees' morale.

Apigrate takes a top-down approach to all our business automation and software development projects. Business comes first; and technology serves the business. If you’ve never done an automation project before, we help you ask the right questions to find the right answers.

Apigrate already has deep experience with many of the most popular best-of-breed accounting, CRM, PSA, logistics, and other cloud-based applications. This familiarity saves time avoiding common pitfalls and gets your automation to market fast!

Our solutions run on a variety of affordable technology automation platforms like Integromat,, Workato, and Zapier. Apigrate’s technology expertise also extends onto the Amazon Web Services platform, allowing us to create efficient, customized and inexpensive solutions with high availability.