Are you are a service business that keeps track of time in Toggl for either billing or payroll? Do you also use QuickBooks Online for accounting? We've got a solution to take the pain out of your invoicing and payroll process! TimeSaver is a “workflow automation app” that automates away the drudgery of tabulating and entering time in both Toggl and QuickBooks so you can invoice or run payroll.

Key benefits

  • Save time by automatically syncing Toggl time entries into QuickBooks. Manually sync time entries whenever you want, or simply sit back and your time entries will automatically flow into QuickBooks!

  • Fully configurable cross-referencing lets you customize how Toggl users match up with either QuickBooks employees or vendors. You can also control what is eligible to sync by turning on Toggl client filtering.

  • Need to mass edit time entries? No problem! You can tag/untag multiple entries in Toggl. You can also remove unbilled QuickBooks time-entries with a single click.

How it works with QuickBooks

TimeSaver for Toggl and QuickBooks automatically syncs Toggl time entries into QuickBooks, making your invoicing and payroll processes much faster and less error-prone. TimeSaver pushes time entries (“time activities”) into QuickBooks on an ongoing basis. Billable time entries are then immediately available to be added to QuickBooks invoices using the “Add All” link on your monthly invoices. For Payroll, employee time conveniently aggregates and can be seen on Employee Activity Reports in QuickBooks.