Love to use Toggl for time tracking, but hate the time it takes entering the data all over again in QuickBooks Online? The Toggl to QuickBooks Integration by Apigrate is for you. With just a few simple steps, this application will sync your Toggl time entries automatically to the correct customer, and vendor or employee in QuickBooks Online. Try it out and start "saving time saving time" now!



About The App

The integration works by periodically transmitting billable Toggl time entries to QuickBooks Online. Information that the time entry carries with it, such as duration, start and end times, description, hourly rate, and client information are used to create a corresponding time activity entry in QuickBooks Online. Like this...


Which version of QuickBooks can I use with the app?

The app works with QuickBooks Online Plus. This version of QuickBooks supports time-tracking that can be recorded on invoices.

Which Toggl Product(s) can I use with the app?

You need either a Toggl Pro or Toggl Business subscription. These plans have the billable rate feature that is needed to differentiate billable vs non-billable time as well as assign a billable rate to time entries.

How frequently are entries transmitted?

About every 15 minutes.

Which entries get sent over to QuickBooks?

Toggl entries must be complete (no in-process timers are active). Also, only billable time entries are transmitted. If an entry is not marked as billable, it will not be sent to QuickBooks.

How does the integration link my Toggl clients and QuickBooks customers?

It matches up Toggl clients to QuickBooks customers by matching the Toggl client name with the QuickBooks customer name or the company name. Toggl time entries that have no association with a client cannot be transferred via the integration because there is no way to associate them with a valid QuickBooks customer

Are time activities created by the integration linked to employees or vendors in QuickBooks?

The integration can handle either scenario. You can configure it to treat all users as QuickBooks vendors, treat them all as employees, or try looking up both vendors and employees to find a match to the Toggl user. The Toggl user name is used to match vendor or employee name, so you'll need to make sure these match up so your time entries sync properly.

Can the integration handle multiple Toggl workspaces?

Currently no - you can choose only one workspace to sync time entries. We have plans on adding this capability in the future, though. Please check back frequently and we may have some good news for you!