Derek in the Tetons

President - Derek Gau

Derek Gau is the President of Apigrate and has been in the software integration industry for over eighteen years. Originally a developer who helped Fortune 500 companies integrate their ERP systems, Derek spent nearly nine years in the B2B industry, managing a cutting edge software development team and building APIs to make it easier for dynamic media companies to integrate their marketing and fulfillment systems.

In 2013, Derek joined forces with a couple of long-time colleagues to catapult itDuzzit, a cloud integration application platform to great success.  He worked with over 85 different businesses  ranging from start-ups to large corporations, to help them seamlessly integrate their data, saving time and resources.  When Intuit acquired itDuzzit in June 2014, Derek decided to form Apigrate and continue to follow his passion of bringing "cloud app harmony" to businesses of any size.

Derek lives in the northern suburbs of Chicago with his family and enjoys coaching soccer, playing piano, throwing backyard BBQs, and exploring the awesome vistas of the Great American West.  You can reach him at and also on twitter as @gaumeister.